Racing Cars






  • Golf GTI in 24h of Dubai without any technical issues
  • 51 TDI Golfs built for endurance races
  • 30 Golfs Volkswagen GTI built for the Golf Cup
  • Cooperation with Volkswagen Motorsport
  • Advanced solutions – AIM telemetry
  • Years of experience

With many years of experience and knowledge handed down from generation to generation we have built a lot of cars racing in different specifications. Our designs successfully competed on racetracks around the world. In addition, our company also built a car capable of competing in highest categories of hillclimbs.

In our work we focus on reliability. Because of that, cars from the Volkswagen Racing Poland can meet the challenges of endurance racing without any problems. In 2006, we built 51 cars adapted to thrive in a Dutch Volkswagen Endurance Cup. Our Golfs TDI drove many seasons of the series, which consisted of 6 -, 12 -, and even 24-hour marathons. At the beginning of 2014, four drivers started with our Golf GTI in the prestigious 24-hour race in Dubai. The car did a flawless and the Polish-German crew was close to finish on the podium in their class.

  • Racing cars built at Volkswagen Racing Poland:
  • Volkswagen Golf V TDI – 185 HP
  • Volkswagen Golf VI GTI – 260 HP (310 with Push – to – Pass)
  • Volkswagen Jetta TDI – 396 HP
  • Volkswagen Golf VI TDI Power – 240 HP
  • Volkswagen Scirocco TSI – 412 HP

More photos from the construction of racing cars.