Volkswagen Golf Cup




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  • Promotion of young racing talents
  • Very attractive prizes – Golf VII and 30 000 euro
  • Same cars, equal competition
  • The innovative formula of organization
  • Racing Golfs with power of 310 hp
  • The Push – to – Pass adds emotions
  • Races in 5 European countries
  • Modern telemetry enables the driving analys

Volkswagen Golf Cup (earlier: Volkswagen Golf Cup) is a series of races which emphasize not only the competition itself, but also to promotion of young racing talents. Competitors race in identical, specially prepared Volkswagen Golfs GTI, which further increases the level of rivalry and competitiveness, as the talent of the driver is key factor that directly determine the outcome.

The first edition of the Volkswagen Golf Cup held in the seasons of 2005 and 2006, when the riders raced Golfs V, powered by 2-liter diesel engine with 184 hp. It was the first, after the Polish accession to the European Union, Polish racing project with international range. Races were held on racetracks in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. Success of series created by Volkswagen Racing Poland aroused interest even in the Netherlands. In 2006, company from Tarnów built 51 identical racing Golfs TDI adapted to compete in the Dutch long-distance races known as Volkswagen Endurance Cup.

New to the Polish cups a process of preparing and servicing racing cars. Throughout the season, they remain in the hands of Volkswagen Racing Poland, which is responsible for the construction and provision for individual races. During all rounds of the Volkswagen Golf Cup cars are serviced only by personnel Volkswagen Racing Poland.

Specification of racing Golf was refined in collaboration with Volkswagen R GmbH and Volkswagen Motorsport. In the 2013 season, the car was equipped with a 2.0 TSI petrol engine with power of 260 hp. Push – to – Pass adds even more emotions to the rivalry with additional 50 horsepower for the short time. Cars are also equipped with telemetry system which can read data from each lap, working of sports suspension and other components which  adjust car for extreme racing.

Apart from the regular drivers during the each race weekend there is an additional car driven by well-known persons invited by the organizer. VIPs have opportunity to try racing against professional drivers and they also and glamour and prestige to the races.

In the 2014 season, the main prize for the winner of the cup is the Car of the Year 2013 – the new Volkswagen Golf 7 as well as the amount of 30 000 euro. The second place winner will receive 20 000 euro, and the third – 10 000. The money is intended to further career development driver. Players were also awarded in each of the rounds. The first eight receives the amount of EUR 8 000 for distribution.